Susan Sontag’s Essay on The Pornographic Imagination

Here is The-Pornographic-Imagination-by-Susan-Sontag From her collection of essays in Styles of Radical Wills. There is also a lovely youtube video of a lecture where she talks about the pornographic comedic interchange.

“I’m Not Fucking, I’m Talking to You”, or I Could be Fucking You.


In Lacan’s Seminar on The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis, in his attempt to explain how sublimation of desire works and how closely it is tied to language, he says: Sublimation is nonetheless satisfaction of the drive, without repression. In other words —for the moment, I am not fucking, I am talking to you. Well! I Continue Reading

Porn Survey – Results & Thoughts

Firstly, I would like to thank all of you who took the time to participate in my very quick, informal porn survey. And an even bigger thank you to those who commented, elaborated, or offered their thoughts when none of the options fit the way in which you use porn. (Just a note, if you Continue Reading

Porn! Huh! Good God, Ya’ll…


First, let me present my bona fides. Although I’m sometimes critical about certain types of porn, I don’t in principle have anything against it. I consume it occasionally myself. I would tell you how I use it, but it might influence your answers so… I’m interested in what you use it for. Don’t roll your eyes and Continue Reading

The Paradox of Enjoyment


Most of you who visit this blog know that I use it as a sort of mental sorting space, a way to digest a lot of the theory I’m reading, processing and incorporating into my thesis – both the critical and the creative portions –  on postmodern (or post-postmodern) eroticism. Hopefully, if you’ve been reading Continue Reading

Stealing Pain: Writing the Other


I made a Facebook post recently, admitting that I have come to feel unable to incorporate People of Colour into my fiction the way I used to; that I no longer feel safe doing so.  It got some upset reactions from other writers who called me a coward  – not an inappropriate reaction in the Continue Reading

Creative Incursions into the Mine of Fictional Desire


In his book Speaking the Unspeakable: A Poetics of Obscenity, Peter Michelson, who like many academics classifies all sexually explicit texts as pornography, identifies three types: hard-core, soft-core and complex pornography (41). Under his schema, hard-core addresses the human fascination with the “myth of animality” inviting the reader to indulge in a fantasy that, freed Continue Reading

Some thoughts on BDSM and the Desire of the Other


The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan  said, “desire is the desire of the Other” (Seminar XIV: The Logic of Phantasy. p.184 1967.). There are a lot of ways to read this and, as is typical with Lacan, most of the ways you could read this make sense and have some depth. The easiest way to interpret Continue Reading

The Limits of Bataille

When I chose to start my examination of eroticism with Bataille, I always knew I’d run out of road.  It is hard to to look back, from where we are now, at Bataille’s definition of the unlimited, of excess and not see it as something quaint, laughable. Whether in the ideas he proposed in his Continue Reading

The Relationship between Authors, Books, and Readers: #CleanReader Redux


According to a piece in the Guardian, and on Joanne Harris’ blog, Clean Reader has announced that it will no longer be selling books. The app will remain available – presumably for the customers who have previously purchased books to read on the app. If there is a silver lining to this whole debacle, it Continue Reading