Erotic Romance Readers: Would you help me with my research?

I am exploring how Erotic Romance readers experience the books they read. Specifically, in the case of this study, I’m interested in finding out whether you feel ‘suspense’ while reading erotic romance novels, even though you know that one of the inviolable genre conventions is that the story will end with an HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happily for now) ending.

What keeps you excited? What enables you to stay engaged? What keeps  you reading to the end of the novel?

I conduct my research primarily through conversation. I like this approach because it allows my participants to put forward ideas I may not have thought of (questionnaires and formal interviews require that I pin down the questions before we start).  So I like to conduct my interviews either through text chat or via voice skype.

If you have any questions, you can contact me via any of the social media platforms linked to the right, although I tend to be available on Twitter most often.

N.B. Please note: I’m looking for Erotic Romance Genre readers.

10 Thoughts on “Erotic Romance Readers: Would you help me with my research?

  1. I’m looking forward to offering what help I can.

  2. I’d like to participate.

  3. Hi RG,
    I’m very happy to help out with this… as a ‘perpetual student’ and reader / writer of erotic literature, I applaud your decision to study this aspect of writing.
    All good things,

  4. Michael A. on June 3, 2012 at 12:54 pm said:

    I’d like to help. I can understand the preference for ‘voice’ contact. Of your 5 options, I would to do Skype but it is not properly installed I’m not sure about the 2 G options. I don’t do FB or yahoo. My PC expert is my son in MD who is so busy. I’ve been trying to get Skype up and running for months.

    Right now, email seems the best option.

    • Hello Michael,
      I’m afraid that email is really not feasible for me. When you do research, you have to file a research plan that includes a research methodology portion – how you intent to conduct the research and what theoretical underpinnings you’re using. My chosen methodological approach is hermeneutic phenomenology. This involves research through dialogue – through a back and forth conversation that allows for the exploration of issues as they come up. I chose it because posting questions by email or on a questionnaire brings a bias into the research because it limits me to the questions I think should be asked.

      So… long explanation, but email really won’t work for my research, sorry.

  5. Korhomme on June 3, 2012 at 7:58 pm said:

    Well, I ‘ll try to give you some thoughts, but I’m not sure that I’m the ideal candidate. I read what appeals to me, fiction or non-fiction. For starters, I’d say that I like a “proper” ending, where I can see where the characters are going. But I don’t read a lot of erotic fiction, and I’m not sure how representative my views might be. I suggested Viber as a means of contact — as suggested by one of my spawn — but it does mean that at least one us has to know the phone no of the other (Viber is like Skype, internet based calls, but through real phone numbers).

  6. If this is still open; I’d be glad to participate. The discussion of HEA vs HFN that went on a few months back still nags at my inner author. The writer in me has strong opinions… this brings a different dimension to that dialog. Please include me.

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