Resistance in Red

Between the gaps in the lace there is skin.
But we are not here for that.
At the hip is a sweet red bow,
cleverly situated over the bone
where my hip juts out.

It has its reflection on the other side.
And between them,
the triangular spider’s web
gauzy and seven-veilish,
a dream-catcher of
erotic possibilities
no woman can
ever really offer.

Hidden, it can be
anything :
the gates of hell,
the well of comfort,
the thieves’ cave
of a thousand treasures,
as yet unaudited.
A convenient receptacle
for a smug fuck or
a reluctant deposit.

The panties are
a mask of possibilities.

Once they’re off,
it’s just a cunt.

(Upon reading the first chapter of
Resisting Nudities:
A Study in the Aesthetics of Eroticism

by Florence Dee Boodakian.
2008, Peter Lang Publishing, New York)

One Thought on “Resistance in Red

  1. mikey2ct on October 26, 2012 at 9:00 am said:

    Madeline.. Once they’re off,
    the forest claimed
    the sight reveals
    his treasured dream.


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