History Makes Us Monsters

The history of sexual repression, inherited structures of power, and various forms of oppression push erotic encounters to turn relationships into arenas of struggle for self-assertion.”
(Direk, Z. (2007) “Erotic Experience and Sexual Difference in Bataille”, Reading Bataille Now, Winnubst, S. Ed. Indiana University Press)

For me, this quote encapsulates one of the greatest areas of conflict to be explored in erotic fiction.

2 Thoughts on “History Makes Us Monsters

  1. Exploring this struggle is the true value of erotic fiction–the turn on value being secondary (or indeed a result). This is also why mainstream or any fiction that leaves out the erotic component is dull and even cowardly. How much of what we are, what we pursue in thought and action, and where we learn our power comes from intensely intimate encounters with our life force? This is also why erotic literature should not be marginalized.

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