Outline for nuJuice


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  1. That looks really interesting as a proposition, both from an erotic fiction point of view and an intellectual one.

    On ‘Tourist’, it occurs to me that you might find the concept of psychogeography of relevance. It was an idea developed by the situationists in the 1950s/60s and has been occasionally revived in a variety of contexts, some of which appear in the Wikipedia article on it (including its links to urban exploration). That could take to you a bunch of interesting places that don’t use the term but nonetheless are kind of using it in what they do, such as the Baltimore Guerilla Suspension Crew (http://bmoregsc.tumblr.com/).

  2. Thank you! And thank you for the psychogeography link. I actually did a lot of teaching on psychogeography in the final semester of my design course. It’s a very interesting subject.

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