Mother, see (On reading “A Lacanian Approach to the Logic of Perversion”)

If the mother’s desire cannot situate her child as a separate being
whom she can admire, love, and desire,
the child will instead encounter the mother’s jouissance. [1. Feher-Gurewich, J. A Lacanian Approach to the Logic of Perversion, The Cambridge Companion to Lacan. (Rabate, J-M, ed ) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.]

Mother, see
what the bastard
fucker who seeded
you full of his rage
has done to me?

Where are your tears?
Where the handfuls of
hair torn out in anguish?
Where is the shelter
of your outrage?

Don’t you recall
squeezing me out
in an agony of viscera
and uterine contraction?
Or was I just the grand gesture
of your final surrender to him?

The cloying stench of refuge
is at once an invitation to bliss
and the initiation of betrayal.
No matter how often I replay
the fury of his cruelty onto
fawning female flesh,
it can never be persuaded
to love me more
than its treachery.

Every alluring pair of tits,
each splayed and ruddy cunt
another shameless ambush,
calculated to engulf me once
again into the vile moment
in which you chose
him over me.


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