Susan Sontag’s Essay on The Pornographic Imagination

Here is The-Pornographic-Imagination-by-Susan-Sontag

From her collection of essays in Styles of Radical Wills.

There is also a lovely youtube video of a lecture where she talks about the pornographic comedic interchange.

One Thought on “Susan Sontag’s Essay on The Pornographic Imagination

  1. on July 21, 2015 at 5:29 pm said:

    In the past many people relied on the educated, scholarly and/or well known authors, and perhaps the religious organization of their choosing, to tell us/them what we should or shouldn’t think about literature and to define for us what was or wasn’t to be considered literature. Access to this material was often, for most of those interested, difficult to come by especially when it addressed pornographic or near pornographic writings.

    In 1993, when the internet became generally available to the public, the whole literary world changed… forever.

    Now, anyone with a computer, an internet connection and the desire can access enough material, much of it free, to draw their own conclusions. We no longer have to rely on what others tell us to think although we are free to consider it. We can review as much or as little material as we choose and come to our own conclusions and form our own opinions.

    Is erotica or pornographic writing literature? Fuck yes!

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