This project depended on the contributions of many amazing people. I would like to formally acknowledge and thank them here.

I am deeply indebted to my academic supervisors, Dr. Peter Jaeger and Leone Ross. Dr. Jaeger’s mollifying assertion that I didn’t have to read any Lacan if I didn’t want to worked to brilliant, inverse effect and launched me on the journey of this project. I thank him for his patience, his pragmatism, his insight and his unwavering respect for my project. I will never be able to thank Leone Ross sufficiently for the many hours she spent applying her considerable writerly and editorial skills to my prose and for deftly lodging two words in my brain: make better. More than that, I wish to thank her for authoring her own marvelous works of erotic fiction and her friendship.

It would be impossible to name all the writers who made my journey possible, but I wish to mention a few. I wish to thank Jonathan Kemp, author of London Triptych, Twenty-six, Ghosting and The Penetrated Male, for his colossal heart, his luxurious prose, and for rocking his theoretical influences with pride. I owe immense gratitude to Raziel Moore, who gave so generously of his time as beta reader, critical friend and scholarly guide. A huge thanks to Rob McIsaac for his generous translation and proofreading skills.

Finally, I wish to thank my partner of thirty years, Don Gordon, for his love and unflagging emotional support, for tolerating my obsessions with good humor, for being the consummate polymath and world’s best traveling companion.

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