Creative Thesis

These short stories make up the creative portion of my thesis. They are meant to be read in concert with the critical exegesis. Please note that these works are all of an adult nature and a number of them deal with themes that may be triggering to some readers. Please use your discretion when choosing to read. Also, please feel free to leave comments, criticisms, reactions or discussion on any of the stories in this collection.

Stone Blind
The Desire Artist
Filthy Wound
The Slow Act of Love
The Perfect Foreigner
On A Very Dry Afternoon in Early Summer
Not One Before The Other
A Little Prick
Veiled Girl With Lute
Three Little Letters
Back To Nature
Flesh Composed of Suns
The Laughing Man
Lucy the Scholar
If In Some Distant Place
Nathalie’s Tailor
What You Want

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