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My name is Madeleine Morris. This is my project and research blog. Although I write fiction under the pen name of Remittance Girl, needs must that I do my academic research under my real name.

This space acts as a repository and workspace for my passions as an academic. I am in love with both the reading and writing processes. I am fascinated by how people read and how they write and the relationship between them.

I’m also deeply interested in how we, both as readers and writers, experience fictionality. What are our minds doing? How do we perform the feats of imagination we perform, both as readers and writers?

Posted here is my research rough work. This is where I ask questions, where I elicit answers and where I digest what I’ve learned – which inevitably leads to more questions.

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  1. Richard on August 5, 2013 at 8:23 pm said:

    I came across you on fetlife today and was taken with your words but much more so with your rare depth of understanding. Maybe I will become a regular reader of your mind.

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