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Since 70% of my research the creative response, this is a repository of my initial and playful creative responses to the critical works I’m reading

Show Me Bad – #Twitterfiction #storified

Having pulled on their gimp masks as they make their way down into the basement of the strip-mall Thai takeaway in Ruislip… Continue Reading

Sound and Fury

That first three months had been months of silence. Not a lack of noise. The noise was ceaseless. Voices in a language she didn’t know, with its astonishing range of tonality. The dips and rises and cutting off of breath that indicated, not emotion, but meaning itself. Then there were the mechanical sounds. It was Continue Reading

History’s Erotic Impossibility

I’ve always been obsessed with history. I wank against old walls, moisten while reading about the Spanish Civil war, the Crusades, the Inquisition in South America, the Russian Revolution, the Long March. It has taken me a long time to unravel why it is that history does this to me and why, when I visit Continue Reading

Fragments of #MadeleineLeBouc 1

View the story “#TwitFic #MadeleineLeBouc” on Storify

Madeleine, Ascended – Notes for a Story

In my travels around the internet, searching for work on the intersection between Georges Bataille and Jacques Lacan, I stumbled across Simon Elmer’s work at a site called The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. In 2012, he produced a book-length work on Bataille, “The Colour of the Sacred,” which is a piece of extensive scholarship. However, what caught Continue Reading

Bad Sex Award 2013 Nominees: A Critique of the Excerpts

I thought, as an erotica writer, I’d write some short critical reflections of the nominated passages for each of this year’s Bad Sex Award entries. I’m looking at language, veracity, honesty and craft, as well as erotic potential where relevant. If you write fiction with erotic content that is meant to arouse readers, I challenge Continue Reading

Future Perfect

The blessing of a lover who never arrives is that you may wait forever in that state of delicious agony, anticipating a moment that will always float before you in splendid future perfect. You will not meet with disappointment or be faced with impossible choices. There will be no life-changing precipice to leap over. You Continue Reading

Notes on Time: Nostalgia, Immediacy & Future Perfect

If there is an erotics of space, as Alain Miller, interpreting Lacan claims, there is also an erotics of time. In fact, the article this stems from is called ‘An Introduction to the Erotics of Time.‘  Sadly, I can’t get a hold of the whole article, and I certainly can’t afford the $315 they want Continue Reading

Mother, see (On reading “A Lacanian Approach to the Logic of Perversion”)

If the mother’s desire cannot situate her child as a separate being whom she can admire, love, and desire, the child will instead encounter the mother’s jouissance. [1. Feher-Gurewich, J. A Lacanian Approach to the Logic of Perversion, The Cambridge Companion to Lacan. (Rabate, J-M, ed ) Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.] Mother, see what Continue Reading

Critical Fictional Voices: An Approach to Integrating Theory into Creative Writing

The following is the draft version of my paper on a proposal for writing exercises to help integrate, reflect, appropriate, translate critical, cultural, gender and/or literary theory into their creative writing practice.  It is, by necessity, semi-formal paper, so if you’re not a fan of pseudo academic writing, just skip down to the heading “The Continue Reading