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Sexual Desire: Disorder and Excess?

“We cannot reduce sexual desire to that which is agreeable and beneficent. There is in it an element of disorder and excess which goes as far as to endanger the life of whoever indulges in it.” Georges Bataille, Literature and Evil In the past, when accounts of explicit sexual desire were prohibited and, by necessity, Continue Reading

Writing Jouissance: The limits of language & Cheap Imitations

If desire is the pursuit of pleasure, then compulsion is the pursuit of jouissance. While Lacan’s definition of jouissance evolved over time, he succeeded in describing something that lies, in psychoanalytical terms, beyond the Pleasure Principle; the pursuit of something beyond pleasure, beyond socially acceptable consequences, beyond safety of mind or body (Noys 3). It Continue Reading

Susan Sontag’s Essay on The Pornographic Imagination

Here is The-Pornographic-Imagination-by-Susan-Sontag From her collection of essays in Styles of Radical Wills. There is also a lovely youtube video of a lecture where she talks about the pornographic comedic interchange.

Porn! Huh! Good God, Ya’ll…

First, let me present my bona fides. Although I’m sometimes critical about certain types of porn, I don’t in principle have anything against it. I consume it occasionally myself. I would tell you how I use it, but it might influence your answers so… I’m interested in what you use it for. Don’t roll your eyes and Continue Reading

Stealing Pain: Writing the Other

I made a Facebook post recently, admitting that I have come to feel unable to incorporate People of Colour into my fiction the way I used to; that I no longer feel safe doing so.  It got some upset reactions from other writers who called me a coward  – not an inappropriate reaction in the Continue Reading

Some thoughts on BDSM and the Desire of the Other

The French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan  said, “desire is the desire of the Other” (Seminar XIV: The Logic of Phantasy. p.184 1967.). There are a lot of ways to read this and, as is typical with Lacan, most of the ways you could read this make sense and have some depth. The easiest way to interpret Continue Reading

Clean Reader’s Profound Illiteracy: The Consumption of the Text

Three years ago, I was asked to teach a course on pedagogy and the digital world. This was a graduate course, leading to a graduate certificate, part of a masters degree in Tertiary Teaching and Learning. Consequently, my class was wholly made of my peers, fellow university lecturers. The first class discussion I proposed was Continue Reading

Trans, Fluid and Genderqueer Erotic Writing: An Invitation

Erotic fiction is the literature of desire. If that is the case, it might seem that writing Trans erotica would present little difficulty. It might be assumed that Transgendered folk would be happy to consume erotic fiction that pertains to their self-identified gender and sexual orientation. But I suspect this is not necessarily the case. Continue Reading

Lacan and Writing the Erotic – Desire

I was asked by my supervisor to explain how using Lacanian psychoanalytical criticism had influenced my creative writing. I suspect the effect has been quite profound, although I am hoping at the same time that it is not too obvious in the prose. Lacan took a number of Freudian concepts and developed them. He was Continue Reading

Writing Compromise: All Writers aren’t Activists.

Erotic fiction authors find themselves in a very interesting place. Traditionally, the writing of fictionalized accounts of explicit sexual human experience has always been problematic, because open and frank discussions of real human sexuality have also been socially problematic. What emerged from those traditional sites of conflict was a push towards a more open and Continue Reading