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Sexual Desire: Disorder and Excess?

“We cannot reduce sexual desire to that which is agreeable and beneficent. There is in it an element of disorder and excess which goes as far as to endanger the life of whoever indulges in it.” Georges Bataille, Literature and Evil In the past, when accounts of explicit sexual desire were prohibited and, by necessity, Continue Reading

Susan Sontag’s Essay on The Pornographic Imagination

Here is The-Pornographic-Imagination-by-Susan-Sontag From her collection of essays in Styles of Radical Wills. There is also a lovely youtube video of a lecture where she talks about the pornographic comedic interchange.

Porn! Huh! Good God, Ya’ll…

First, let me present my bona fides. Although I’m sometimes critical about certain types of porn, I don’t in principle have anything against it. I consume it occasionally myself. I would tell you how I use it, but it might influence your answers so… I’m interested in what you use it for. Don’t roll your eyes and Continue Reading

Trans, Fluid and Genderqueer Erotic Writing: An Invitation

Erotic fiction is the literature of desire. If that is the case, it might seem that writing Trans erotica would present little difficulty. It might be assumed that Transgendered folk would be happy to consume erotic fiction that pertains to their self-identified gender and sexual orientation. But I suspect this is not necessarily the case. Continue Reading

“Who would want to live when you can watch?”

First, let me say that I enjoy a lot of David Foster Wallace’s ideas more than I enjoy his fiction. I know that statement might be something like blasphemy in literary circles. In truth, he reaches a level of Americanism in his novels that loses me. Something I don’t think he intended to do. I’m Continue Reading

Desire Desires Desire: Why Erotica and Porn are Different

This essay sets out to look at the ambivalence many women have to porn and why this has had an impact on reader expectations of erotica. The porn vs erotica war has been going on for years. It is often represented as a battle between the forces of repression and those of emancipation. I think Continue Reading

Writing the Erotic Phenomenologically

One of the biggest problems with being a writer is language. Yes, it happens to be the tool we work with, too, but never the less, there is an aspect to language that gets in the way, especially when it comes to the description of bodily and emotional experience. Language isn’t just a tool for Continue Reading

Immersive Proximity and the Luxury of Space: POVs in Erotic Fiction

I took a quick poll last night on my twitter stream to find out which point of view was the preferred one for both readers and writers of erotica.  As you might imagine, no one behaved themselves and I didn’t get a definitive answer. Now, you’re asking yourself why this question might not pertain to Continue Reading

In Defense of Long Sentences

Composition classes have been lauding the short sweet sentence for about 80 years. I’m not going to tell you the short, sweet and tight is bad. It isn’t. I love it. I employ a consciously clipped style myself quite a bit. It’s very effective for the gritty, brutal narrative and it affords a great deal Continue Reading

Reader as Lover: Textual Cooperation in Erotic Fiction

This post will appear on July 13, 2013 on the ERWA Blog. It will contain the experiences of two other erotica authors addressing the question of model readers. These do not appear in this version. You will often hear writers say that they write for themselves, and surely this is true for most writers. We Continue Reading