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Four great pieces of erotic writing, and why they’re so good.

An Early Winter Train by C. Sanchez-Garcia An Early Winter Train examines the relationship between a husband and a wife who is suffering from early-onset Alzheimer’s.  What makes it such a powerful story is that it looks at the concept of consent in a powerful, poignant, honest way. Sanchez-Garcia is a careful crafter of prose Continue Reading

Writing in Pursuit of Pleasure

Very recently, the marvelously accomplished erotic writer Will Crimson sent around a letter, addressed to a few other writers, inviting them to a discussion on how their writing and motivations for writing have changed over time, with the evolution of their practice. Answering this invitation forced me to write a manifesto of a kind and Continue Reading

The Landscape of Language

Most people, and many writers, conceive of writing as a craft. Concrete metaphors of woodworking, pottery, gardening all come up when people talk about the process of writing. They are all helpful models for understanding the approaches people take to writing. It should follow then that, if we learn and practice our techniques, if we Continue Reading